Completed Corner to Corner


Just finished it a few minutes ago and it is already in the hands of my boy. I am glad to be done as it was becoming tedious. I am short about 40 boxes/squares and skipped doing the edging.

My boy is super happy to have it now and keeps running in saying “Thank you mommy!”.


School started today!!! :)

First day of school for my big boys, the house is so quiet!!! Tomorrow my baby starts Kindergarten! That means two full hours of uninterrupted yarn time, unless one of them gets into trouble. Tomorrow might just be a relaxing and enjoying the silence rather then actually doing anything lol.

I found a really cool looking blanket pattern in Crochet!  magazine it is called Matrix Throw. I love how it looka but man I want to scream and pull out my hair. The first part of the pattern is easy works out perfectly, get to the part where I need to start a shadow box doesn’t work at all. Made my mom look at it.. stumped her too!! This is the second project this year that has us both going wtf. We are both going to be playing around with it to make it work or I will just skip them and do double crochets where the boxes are supposed to be… For now I have put it aside and went back to the other blankets on the go.


The first bit of the square.

Corner to Corner Afghan

Out of boredom and not feeling my current wips I started the Corner to Corner Afghan. I’m using up all my leftovers and boy it’s not very pretty!


My baby boy (  almost 5! 😥 ) loved the pattern and told me he wants a blue one. So last night with already going out shopping I grab some blue yarn ( woohoo yarn!!! lol)  and started working on it after putting away the groceries. 


Being one of my impatient imps he wants it NOW!!! I told him sorry bud you have to wait just like the big brother’s did, he was not happy hearing that lol.

I also bought some Sashay yarn.. I’m a sucker for punishment lol.

Two baby blankets..

Here are two baby blankets I made over the winter. One is a crocodile stitch blanket(geen one) the other is a basket weave( pink) done in three panel’s.  I made the crocodile one just to learn the stitch, it was fun and way easier then I thought.  It is a great stash buster. The basket weave I found in an old magazine and loved the look of it. It was fast as can be took me three days to complete!  I sent both of them along with my parents. Besides the wedding there is also a new great niece to spoil rotten. I hope everyone getting my blankets like them.. my fingers are crossed big time.



Christmas gift..

I know most people are going no no it is too early to even mention Christmas lol. I on the other had started my Christmas gift planning way back in February and even finished the blanket I made. This is a scrap/ugly granny afghan for one of my sister’s. It has 156 squares in it and I joined it together using a continuous join I found on YouTube.


This afghan is big enough to cover a double bed and is nice and warm. Perfect for the nasty cold winter’s we get here. 🙂

Working away.

After taking a few days off because I was sick and had zero energy,  I am back at it. Working away at the blanket I need to finish by the end if the month. With any luck I can get this done within the next week or week and a half. I have a many more projects in the early stages that I want to work on more then a few stitches at a time. Well I better get back to it…