Attempting socks……

I got the bright idea to make some socks after buying some slipper socks, I love them and they were dirt cheap. So hunting I went for a pattern that is easy as I have never attempted them.before. I found a great pattern on the pattern is colorful crochet socks and it is easy to follow.  I am using sport weight wool and a 4mm hook my sock is more of a slipper but that is fine with me as it is the first time making them. If/when I make more I will go down a hook size or use the size of wool the pattern calls for.



Here are the front and back I’m working in the gusset and foot section. I’m excited to see how this turns out and if I can repeat the success with the second one. 


Finished throw.

I finished the Kaleidoscope Throw at midnight last night.


I love how it looks and the colours although an odd assortment really work for me.

Now off to get ready for supper,  we are celebrating Thanks Giving today with my family 11 people in total. Tomorrow will be a relaxing day and turkey coma recovery lol.

Kaleidoscope Throw.

I started this throw last week. The motifs worked up very quick which is awesome.  The bonus of this project was no yarn shopping, I have tons of left over yarn so I have used some of it up.  A few more projects like this and I could have more room for more yarn! lol


Here are the 5 motifs.


First three rows attached, I started the fourth just before bedtime last night. I should be done attaching them today or tomorrow and then just have to work the border.

A quicky.

Good news I found more if the color I needed,  thank god I was shopping with my mom as she found the right shade of blue. I of course forgot the wool at home but she matched it perfectly! So I have been working away as much as I can, I managed to pinch a nerve in my hip last week, sitting has been a challenge but thankfully today it seems fine amd with any luck I can sit down and get this blanket knocked out.