……Still not crocheting. ….

It has been a crazy week thank goodness it has come to an end. My parent’s have gotten everything they need for the trip, the blankets I am sending along are bagged and ready to go. Other then loading up the car and making sandwiches for lunch tomorrow they are good. I have to get used to having a couple of dogs around and underfoot.  They are two very spoiled poms.. cute as hell but attention seekers, bonus is they will play the boys out. On another note I just have a couple of school supplies left to grab and they are set and I can await the quiet hours of no children home and really get some crocheting done… I can’t wait!


Nonish crochet day…

I did a small amount of work on the Rainbow waves throw last night. Normally I would have spent most of the day crocheting but shopping got in the way. Amazingly enough I didn’t add to my stash which is very odd for me, I tend to leave Wal-Mart with at least 3 new balls of wool every time lol. I did spend some big bucks on two season’s of True Blood ( my fav. vampire show), which also contributed to my almost non existent crcohet evening. I was to busy enjoying what I missed last season and can’t wait to buy the current season. 

Yesterday sucked!!!

My “day of rest” was blown out of the water by eight in the morning, when I discovered my middle son had peed in his room. Needless to say I spent the day steaming carpets and rearranging the bedrooms.Why he decided to do that I don’t know and I doubt I will ever really figure it out. I don’t think I can blame this on his ADHD. I know it is a grab for power and control but dam keeping mom happy is better then a mom on the war path! lol I am hoping that by removing everything but his bed out of his room will teach him something (he also helped clean his mess). So far today isn’t looking any better lol three bored boys pretty well stuck inside as our weather isn’t looking promising ( l love tornado warnings…not).