A day of easy crochet

Made five more ruffle scarves today.  My kids school is collecting donations for a Christmas “store” for kids in another school. The kids get to pick a few items for free for family members.I am going to donate these along with a few other things.




Ruffle scarves

Crocheted these over the weekend, was super easy to do once I got the hang of it. Knitting them is still a huge challenge with the sashay yarn.


This one is crazy long, it reminds of a boa but love how it looks.


Made this pretty purple one it is about half the size of the red one. It will be nice to not have to wrap it around a million times lol.

I also got some new wool, I love the color of it. Now the challenge of where to stash it and until I find something to make with it.


It is soo pretty. I love retail therapy and I did it just in time as this morning it has stared snowing, looks like it is not going to stop anytime soon. A perfect day to hide indoors and crochet up a storm, maybe I will get that first sock done……

Weekend fun!!

We had a fun weekend of shopping and more shopping. It started off with bookshelf hunting and ended with yarn, not a bad way to end the day. Michaels had Caron simply soft of for 3 bucks a ball so of course I had to grab some even though it was not the yarn I was going in there to buy. I grabbed three balls of Red Heart Boutique Midnight yarn in the colour Moonlight, love the yarn but not the price (ouch!!!). The way more then I would normally pay for yarn was used for a scarf called Shades of Grey. http://www.redheart.com/free-patterns/shades-grey-scarf I also fancied up a couple of my hair elastics with the bit I had left over, I was struggling with using it in the scrap Corner to Corner afghan although a tiny bit did make it in. 1185362_10151585191100800_1138483655_n

I have fingerless gloves in the works in blue and sparkly black to kind of go with the scarf. I’m not to sure how they will work together but it is work a shot anyways. http://www.redheart.com/free-patterns/give-%E2%80%98em-spirit-crochet-wristers


The Caron simply soft for now has been put away in one of many totes to await use, I got it in two shades of pink which look really pretty together. Once I get one of the other afghans done ( yeah right lol) I will have to find the right pattern to use it with.

A tunic.

So yesterday being way to hot even in an air conditioned house and really not wanting to work on the corner to corner blankets, I made a tunic. The pattern is called Drop Stitch Tunic, it was a nice easy quick project. I think it took me longer to sew it together then make the two panels.


This was one of the panels.


Here is the finished product. The best part of this project (I think) is that both panels are exactly the same and there is no need to shape it. 🙂

Corner to Corner Afghan

Out of boredom and not feeling my current wips I started the Corner to Corner Afghan. I’m using up all my leftovers and boy it’s not very pretty!


My baby boy (  almost 5! 😥 ) loved the pattern and told me he wants a blue one. So last night with already going out shopping I grab some blue yarn ( woohoo yarn!!! lol)  and started working on it after putting away the groceries. 


Being one of my impatient imps he wants it NOW!!! I told him sorry bud you have to wait just like the big brother’s did, he was not happy hearing that lol.

I also bought some Sashay yarn.. I’m a sucker for punishment lol.