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School started today!!! :)

First day of school for my big boys, the house is so quiet!!! Tomorrow my baby starts Kindergarten! That means two full hours of uninterrupted yarn time, unless one of them gets into trouble. Tomorrow might just be a relaxing and enjoying the silence rather then actually doing anything lol.

I found a really cool looking blanket pattern in Crochet!  magazine it is called Matrix Throw. I love how it looka but man I want to scream and pull out my hair. The first part of the pattern is easy works out perfectly, get to the part where I need to start a shadow box doesn’t work at all. Made my mom look at it.. stumped her too!! This is the second project this year that has us both going wtf. We are both going to be playing around with it to make it work or I will just skip them and do double crochets where the boxes are supposed to be… For now I have put it aside and went back to the other blankets on the go.


The first bit of the square.


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