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oh boy. .

haha wow I suck and need to practice some more with the knitting.. my scarf started out good and has found a diet as I continue it lol. I am making my stitches tighter as I go.. maybe I should have started back with normal yarn instead of going head first with the hard stuff lol I never learn lol. 😉


So it’s back to the beginning again lol I will get it yet and if I kill the yarn in the process I won’t be too upset as it was a dollar. .

On another note found this kick ass yarn!! I love it and wish there was more then this one ball..


It is called backlight and is a red heart yarn.  I am going to have to keep an eye out at the different Wal-Mart’s in town so I can get more.. It is going to fit right in with a blanket I have planned… 🙂


3 thoughts on “oh boy. .

  1. i agree with you that yarn is the best. i have a skine of it that i’m working with right now (and a tone of the first one as well) and i wish you luck in all your yarn-y goodness. all i can say is that the pattern that the yarn makes is heaven.

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