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My very first crocheted anything…

My mother sort of tried to teach me to crochet when I was in my early teens, needless to say I wasn’t into it at all. She taught me to the very basics ( chain, single crochet ect..) and how to make a granny square. I honestly was bored to death by it all and quickly tossed away any intesrest that I had marginaly had for the art. 


Jump ahead ten year (I was 23) and I had the sudden need/urge to make a baby blanket for my second son. So having almost remembered the basic I went shopping and found this cool pink and blue yarn, which came with a nice pattern for a blanket. So being insane I grabbed all the supplies I needed and rushed home to start it having no clue what I was really getting myself into. Needless to say I was way over my head but determined to get it finished before he was born. I was doing pretty good as it was mostly double crochet, I managed to stumble around with reading the pattern and the terms ( I had no clue how to read it at first). Once I hit the puff stitch I was up a creek without a paddle, I had no idea what the heck they were talking about. I ended up calling my mom ( thank goodness for long distance calling) and after reading the pattern to her, she was able to walk me through the stitch. Now I totally admit this blanket was way more then I should have started crochet with, and living up to my stubborn Taurus attitude I stuck with it. It turned out way bigger and way to loose ( no idea what tension was all about lol). I am so very proud of myself for getting through it and my boy used it for awhile ( he wasn’t big into blankets.. still isn’t lol). I have since put it away for him and maybe one day if he has kids it will be something he can use. It feels like I have been a crocheter all my life and in reality it has only been 8 years. It has become a serious hobby these last couple of years as my kids have gotten older.


This is the first blanket I made.. I can’t remember what it was called anymore although I still have the pattern somewhere in my folders of patterns.Image


2 thoughts on “My very first crocheted anything…

  1. That looks great for a first project. Actually I always KNEW how to crochet. My older brother told me my grandmother Martha taught me, when I was too clumsy to hold a hook.Honest I can’t remember when I learned to knot or crochet. I never followed any pattern and I always crochet from pictures. I taught my oldest daughter to do it and she — good old GERMAN pickle pooper that she is- learned how to read patterns. She thinks it is hilarious that I write patterns, because actually she taught me the terms. sc= single crochet, dc , hdc and all that kind of stuff. But I often make up my own stitches, like with the hat pattern. I always create something, decorative paint too. I like crochet right now, because I am a nursing assistant and that means I can’t tote paints around. One can crochet ANYTHING and all places. that is why I like it. better get back to my blog. Be blessed! Beate

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