Two baby blankets..

Here are two baby blankets I made over the winter. One is a crocodile stitch blanket(geen one) the other is a basket weave( pink) done in three panel’s.  I made the crocodile one just to learn the stitch, it was fun and way easier then I thought.  It is a great stash buster. The basket weave I found in an old magazine and loved the look of it. It was fast as can be took me three days to complete!  I sent both of them along with my parents. Besides the wedding there is also a new great niece to spoil rotten. I hope everyone getting my blankets like them.. my fingers are crossed big time.




……Still not crocheting. ….

It has been a crazy week thank goodness it has come to an end. My parent’s have gotten everything they need for the trip, the blankets I am sending along are bagged and ready to go. Other then loading up the car and making sandwiches for lunch tomorrow they are good. I have to get used to having a couple of dogs around and underfoot.  They are two very spoiled poms.. cute as hell but attention seekers, bonus is they will play the boys out. On another note I just have a couple of school supplies left to grab and they are set and I can await the quiet hours of no children home and really get some crocheting done… I can’t wait!

Nonish crochet day…

I did a small amount of work on the Rainbow waves throw last night. Normally I would have spent most of the day crocheting but shopping got in the way. Amazingly enough I didn’t add to my stash which is very odd for me, I tend to leave Wal-Mart with at least 3 new balls of wool every time lol. I did spend some big bucks on two season’s of True Blood ( my fav. vampire show), which also contributed to my almost non existent crcohet evening. I was to busy enjoying what I missed last season and can’t wait to buy the current season. 

Christmas gift..

I know most people are going no no it is too early to even mention Christmas lol. I on the other had started my Christmas gift planning way back in February and even finished the blanket I made. This is a scrap/ugly granny afghan for one of my sister’s. It has 156 squares in it and I joined it together using a continuous join I found on YouTube.


This afghan is big enough to cover a double bed and is nice and warm. Perfect for the nasty cold winter’s we get here. 🙂

All done!

Sweet I got this afghan done today! It turned out perfectly, now to wash it and pack it up for the four day drive to the wedding.



I am glad it is done, my step sister is coming to visit for a week and will be bombarded with talk of video games and pokemon. Thankfully my boys are excited to see her and talk “shop”.
Now on to the next afghan!! 😀