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Pineapple Play Throw

When I first saw this pattern back in early spring, I loved it. I pretty much started it right away, got part way through and stopped working on it. I got distracted by the next cute or pretty pattern I came across, found new pretty wool and then started a bunch more things lol. Now that all but one are completed I have pulled this back out of the box I stashed it in and have picked up right where I left off. I have had to rip out a few rows here and there because I was short stitches for the lace part, must remember to double check lol. My colors I am sure are not what most people would pick, the next part will be black (pics to come). I can’t wait to get this done, that being said I must get off of here and get back to work while I have some quiet lol.


pineapple pay throwhttp://www.e-patternscentral.com/detail.html?prod_id=7282


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