Crazy weekend. …

Since school has ended I haven’t put as much time into my current pineapple project’s as I would have liked to, and so far this long weekend ( Canada day weekend) I have been painting my 20 foot living room wall. So far I have squeezed in a tiny bit of crocheting time and entertain the children time as they are bored already lol. I am hoping tomorrow morning will be it for paint and I can get back to the pineapples, the end of July will be here before I know it.


Try my pattern for free

Patterns Tried and True

I am sure people are not familiar what it means:

” A digital scrapbooked crochet pattern”

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 9.39.02 AM

No wonder! I just made that up!

Please e-mail me to,

so I can send you a free complimentary sample of a classic pineapple pattern used for centuries in various usable items.

I can’t get the digital downloads to work and frankly I am fed up with computer learning,

but  I will respond within 24 hours and attach it to my return e-mail


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Pineapples galore

I am now working on two different pineapple blankets/throws. The pineapple play throw is almost back to where I was before I had to rip it apart, it may take me longer now with another project on the go that has a deadline coming up quicker then I would like. The second project is called Black pineapples from an Annie’s Crochet Big Book of Crochet Afghans, I bought awhile ago. This one I am doing in a variegated wool of browns, so far it looks pretty darn good. I have until the 29th of July to get it done,  as it is a gift for a wedding in August that my parents are attending. Nothing like a good deadline that will be here soon to get my butt moving to complete it. Wish me luck I may need it as the kids are done school for the summer it a couple of days.  🙂

10 Rows in on the Black(Brown) Pineapples  blanket

10 Rows in on the Black(Brown) Pineapples blanket

Guest post: Eve tells us about Blocking!


UK Crochet Patterns

The gorgeous and clever Eve has kindly written us a wonderful post about blocking, something we perhaps don’t do enough but could do with using more! Have a good read, tell us what you think and take a peek at her site as thank you for sharing her wisdom and taking the time to write this for us :>>


Eden’s Lace specialises in Irish Clones Lace and Crochet lace goods – particularly wedding & bridesmaid favours.

Each piece is designed and handmade in the sunny southeast of Ireland by Eve.

Visit to shop, see behind-the-scenes pics and crochet tips.

Custom orders are a speciality, with experience in large pieces – i.e. veils, mantillas, christening gowns, wedding dress trains, etc.

How To Block Crochet

You did it! You cracked the pattern, the tension square turned out perfect and you’d just enough yarn to complete your crochet project. But, you’re…

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I have not picked up my hook since I ripped out the section of black for the throw… it has been pretty well raining non stop since then. My boys are going a little nuts being stuck in the house so much and with the school year ending in just a few more days this could be a really long summer.  😦 My fingers are crossed that this weekend will be sunny and they can get out and burn off some energy. Then maybe I can grab my hook and get moving along again. 😀




I got the red lace all finished today, it is looking pretty good. I was almost to the point of starting the black lace, when I realized that my throw was going wonky. My tension was to loose on one side causing the throw to become wider gggrrr. So I have had to frog ( rip out) almost all the black and restart that section. I really hate frogging! So for the rest of this project I am going to pay better attention to my tension and hopefully I will  not have a repeat of today. 🙂

Crochet Granny Classic AfghanPattern

Love making these.

Knot Just Yarn Blog

I was reminded a few moments ago by Janette, a fan on our Facebook Community Page, about the value of scrap yarns.

She made a wonderful Corner to Corner Afghan using scrap yarns and it really touched my heart.

I think some people, including me, get trapped into the thinking that everything has to match or look just perfect. A scrap granny afghan has it’s own beauty if we look at it from that point of view.

Today, I have found you a free pattern called Crochet Granny Classic Afghan.

It’s an easy project for most crocheters and it may just let you hammer through some of that yarn stash you might be hoarding in your secret hiding places.

For more free inspiration and ideas, please visit my website at The Crochet Crowd.

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